Interview With Author : Samantha Underwood @Only1Scorpio release of Stars & Straps had her nervous about the release but she swallowed her nervous and promoted the book. A few of the stories in the book touched on controversial pairings in the lesbian community and attracted a lot of attention.

Receiving numerous inbox messages, tweets, status’, emails from readers that were inspired to write, Samantha Underwood decided to start her own publishing company called, LezWritePublishing.

Now with the release of Love After Miami, Samantha hopes to shock the readers again with the content in this second book of the Love After Series.

In her spare time, Samantha designs templates, exercises, practices tattoos, and spends time with her girlfriend/fiancé of almost 9 years.

Samantha continues to work on her publishing company and is now working on opening a clothing line called, Poison Fitz.

Look out for more from this Author who plans on releasing material such as: short stories, fanfiction, and science fiction novels.

 Official Website:

Twitter: @LoveAfterSeries

Instagram: Only1Scorpio

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