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 April 2013


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1 Winner will receive a physical autographed copy of Midnight Comes With
The Dawn by Darlene Burns, and a free digital download of the book,
“Shug’ah”, by author, Imani Writes.

2 People will be receiving a
free digital download of the new book from Darlene Burns, “Midnight
Comes With The Dawn.” They will also receive one free digital download
of the book, “Shug’ah”, by author, Imani Writes.

Midnight Comes With The Dawn

Infected blood. Rotting corpses. Welcome to the world of Katrine Baten
aka Midnight. She is one of the oldest existing Vampyirs and only
surrounds herself with eye candy. But something is destroying not only
her world, but the human world as well. Together with her lesbian coven
by her side, she tries to seek a cure. And what she discovers may change
the course of how she lives as a lesbian Vampyir forever!


15 she became a rape victim. At 16 she was labeled a killer. At 21
Shug’ah became a paid killer for a dirty cop on the streets of LA. At 24
a past love comes back into her life and promises to take her away from
The Life. However, promises in her world are always made to be broken.
Facing each day with uncertainty, Shug’ah wonders if she will live to
see 25.

Number of Winning Entries:

A staff member of Super
Ink will select random winners from all the eligible entries received
for each book offered during the giveaway.
Number of Entries:

may enter for each book to be given away. Only one name and e-mail
address per month will be accepted.  Multiple entries will be
disqualified.  One person may not win more than one book per month,
however, previous winners may enter subsequent giveaways and are
eligible to win.

Super Ink has the right to disqualify
entrants that don’t follow the guidelines for fill out the form as
requested. Books must be accepted as awarded, are not transferable, and
have no cash surrender value.
E-mail Address Safety:

addresses or any other information about the entrant will not be shared
with a third party or sold.  However, contact information is required at
the time of entry.  This will be given to the author/publisher in the
event you are a winner. Winners will receive their books directly from
the publisher/author.

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